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Who has the beter start?

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    I was wondering who has the beter start off position black or white? Why?

    BTW I play black... =)



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    Technically speaking, white has the advantage because it starts first. However, since black can anticipate whites future moves in the opening, it can quickly gain an equal standing.

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    See the stats from large number of Master games at http://www.chess.com/explorer/ - after the common first moves white definitely wins more often than black. The advantage of the first move is very real in the hands of an experienced player.

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    White has the advantage on first move.

  • #5

    And because it's easy to attack than to defend, I prefer White to have already a little advantage.

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    Thanks... =)

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    its weird how its not evened out chess

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    True... but that the name of the game


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