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Who is better Paul Morphy or Magnus Carlsen

  • #281

    They are exactly equal

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    Snookslayer wrote:

    Morphy. Americans are undefeated in World Wars.   What the hell has Norway ever done?

    Google "Norway Heavy Water" and you might learn WHY the Americans ended up on the winning side.

  • #283

    They are both great. Morphy would easily be top 5 today imho.

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    It is very creative to think who is better, but, it is stupid simple to choose one of them.

    Imagine this picture: Leonardo da Vici in his forties, today with laptop and internet for one or six months. What would he able to make?

    Next: who is better singer Enrico Caruso, Mario Lanza or Pavarotti? All dead, but with some covered time.

    At the end: who is better leader: Julius Caesar or Adolf Hitler?

    As you see, we have to think a little bit wider? 

  • #285

    Most people would not hesitate in choosing Caesar. He has a much better reputation. Singers are also not necessarily a great example, the arts and chess are quite different in some ways.


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