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Who is your favorite chess player and why.

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    Hello chess fans, just a thought growing up learning chess. I followed the great player Bobby Fischer studying his games using the same openings and moves without understanding why. As time has pass I've become fond of the play of Botvinnik and Kasparov and A.A for their understanding and how they calculate moves. So is this common most chess players in developing a style of play and has it worked for you

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    Kasparov, I fell in love with him after watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVcpelqT_Dw

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    hikaru nakamura

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    MalSwanOfZaga10 wrote:

    hikaru nakamura

    Why? (I hate his huffing and puffing)

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    Gelfand. Old guy got the moves

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    bit obvious because of my nickname but its TAL TAL TAL

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    why is easy he brought courage energy vision an insatiable love of attack and made everyone he played learn to defend

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    In all fairness, I am my favorite chess player, for reasons that transcend chess.  I guess I'm partial.


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