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Who was best, Kasparov or Fischer?

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    If they played over the board then obviously Kasparov would win because he had access to the whole body of knowledge of all the players before him - including Fischer. This rule obviously applies to every successive generation in any sport but perhaps more so in chess where every move is noted and analysed later.

    However if we look at basic talent then it becomes more interesting ie/ if Fischer had access to the same resources as Kasparov did ie/ computers, databases etc then who would be better ? remember Fischer was pretty obsessive and used to lap up info from books (including one's written in Russian) so his ability to absorb information was a little bit impressive. Imagine if he had access to massive computer databases ?

    I'd argue that Fischer would stand very well against anyone ever.

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    Yadasampati schreef:
    TremaniSunChild wrote:

    Also, Fischer did not have computers!!

    He actually did, and he defeated them: See http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1242850 or the article "When Bobby Fischer took on a computer" (https://www.csmonitor.com/1988/0622/lchs22.html)


    Nice but how strong were these programs? Now a days they have about or more then 3000 elo rating. I believe then they have not even 2200 ? 



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    Fischer obviously. He came back after a 20 year layoff to play some really good chess in winning the real world championship again. Kasparov mocked him at the time saying he was only playing at 2600 level.

    Now kasparov comes back after a 12 year layoff and is missing basic tactics, it's embarrassing.


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