Why Do I Always Think I'm Losing? What about you?


Most of the time I neither think I'm winning nor losing. For the first 10-15 moves the game probably becomes pretty equal in most cases or sometimes an edge for one player or another. Decisive advantages should be pretty obvious unless it's hidden in a difficult combination or obscure technical endgame.


Even when you're worse, the position isn't always lost. So I would say in the majority of positions that end up on any given chess board, ones with a decisive advantage for black or white are clearly in the minority.

RMChess1954 wrote:

I feel like I'm losing every game, but most of the time I end up winning. 


If you win most of the time then you're either a super GM or you're deliberately matching against lower level players.

Probably just a lack of confidence. It’s what ends up happening to a lot of people who play chess, which is part of the reason why so few people make it to even the expert level.

I feel that way in OTB a lot. Mostly because I probably am losing lol.