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why do people play out a lost position to the bitter end?

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    I sometimes play on to learn something from a better player.

    When there's nothing left to learn I resign.

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    Because draw/ stalemate

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    Shmuckley wrote:

     I get so frustrated when Im in a losing position I just want it to be over

     Not everybody is a quitter in a tough situation.

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                 hahahahah      "I just want it to be over"!    That's what I said about my 13th marriage.

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    marriage may be something you might not be good at.

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    Shmuckley wrote:

    my endgame is better than all the other aspects of the game so I know pretty certain when Im going to win, but if I was to play out my losing positions I might be able to at least pull a draw. problem is I get so frustrated when Im in a losing position I just want it to be over so Im not reinforcing how to lose.

    You have a rating of 1400 I very much doubt that you know even simple rook endgame positions.

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    Persevering in difficult chess positions can (if you pay attention) help you:

    Improve your defensive play.

    Learn attacking and endgame techniques from your opponent.

    Toughen you emotionally for combat.

    Wear down your opponent.

    Maybe devise a brilliant stalemate tactic.

    Force your opponent to work for the win.

    Take advantage of the opponent's later mistakes.

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    It is sometimes a compliment to play out a lost game to the end. I sometimes do that if my opponent has played well and I'm curious to see how he converts the win. If a player wants s point from me I have a right to make him teach me

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    That is my attitude too. It is the same with drawn games. If the position is interesting enough I can learn something I play on.

    ab121705 wrote:

    I sometimes play on to learn something from a better player.

    When there's nothing left to learn I resign.

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    2200ismygoal I tried challenging you, but seems you dont play 1400s. well fact of the matter is that I am a 1700 on another site. and since you want to run your mouth about me not knowing anything about chess. I challenge you to a game and Im confident I will show i know endgame. since you kind of pissed me off Ill go ahead and tell you I will beat you in our game, and if you dont have the nuts just wait a couple months and Ill challenge you when I get there.

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    I think that some people are masochists.

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    no I am confident in my abilities, and if you piss me off I will play that much better.

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    Well, judge me now.

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    Simple.A lot of the guys would be hoping for a stalemate(some grandmasters also do that),disconnection,or a silly blunder by the opposition due to a mouseslip and things like that ..it aint over till its over

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    I usually offer my resignation but give winning opponent the choice of administering the checkmate

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    I played a game on Chesscube.  It lasted 12 moves after white resigned.  A silly blunder cost him his queen and would eventually lead to a loss by white (I was black happy.png).


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    Depends the position. 

    If you have only king and he has rook and queen then obviously it is pointless to keep playing. 

    But if he has King, queen and 2 pawns and you have King, rook and knight, even though you will most likely lose you still have a little hope. Or you simply want to not make it so damn easy for him. 

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    Shmuckley wrote:

    I just dont see the point in playing out a lost game, its like reinforcing the idea of losing.

    If I resign I must be absoultely sure that I lose, but I have once blundered a game giving up not seeing a defense. .  

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    Because of this (I was playing white and won on time):


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    I think a player should be hopefull should also play in a lost position but there should some magical move in his pocket but if that don't work resign is the best move a player can play...


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