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Why do you play chess if you are not russian?

  • #21

    Why do you play poker if you are not american

  • #22

    Maybe because Las Vegas isn't anymore the world's center of money games. There was this place in China which is much bigger and has more casinos etc. :)

  • #23

    Why play dominoes, if you're not French?

  • #24

    Why drink tea if you're not british?

  • #25

    Or why bake pasta, if you are not Italian??

  • #26

    chess was first played in India...

  • #27

    it's crazy that the asians are not good enough here... and they like to think that they are smart since they're not that tall

  • #28

    I guess no one asked Petrosian, Kasparov, Keres, Tal, Bronstein, Aronian, Mamedyarov, Geller, Ivanchuk etc


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