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World Open

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    The world open started two hours ago in Philadelphia, I would like to watch the games somewhere but I cannot find anywhere that they are being updated Live,

    If anyone could provide a link it would be greatly appreciated

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    ditto i can't find it either, did you manage to?

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    I don't think it's ever been live-cast by the organizers.  One year someone had the top boards, but I think they were relaying moves from the audience.

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    Its a real shame if you cant find at least the top boards of the world open online. I was able to follow a recent SC Open top board for all 5 rounds as the state website broadcast the board 1 games ( of the Open ) every round. I was following it because a close friend of mine was playing the event and I was trying to follow his progress. If such a small event can broadcast their top board you would certainly expect the World Open to do better than that . 

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    i found what i was looking for,  if anyone wants to look at this. 


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