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You vs. Game Explorer - a challenge!

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    Hi everyone! 

    Here's a challenge. Open Game Explorer, take the White pieces and play a game against the Game Explorer, you choosing the White moves, while selecting one of the top three moves from the Game Explorer as a reply. Don't look at the list of White moves, just make your move, and pick a Black reply. The aim is to play as many "GM moves" as possible before you run out of book. Smile 

    In my first game against the Game Explorer, I ran out of book after 13 moves. I challenge you: try to beat me! And post your games here. Wink

    This will be fun! I can't wait to see the games you guys played! Smile

    Here's my game... 


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    i  knew I made a mistake with 13.Qg3 but managed to guess a few more (forced) moves after that. Turns out there was only one game in chess.com's database with the move in question (Yemelin Vasily - Rublevsky Sergei (1998)).


    Seems i could've gotten a few more with 13.Qe2


    My next guess was h3
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    Also a possibility would've been to play a known game from beginning to end, but that would've kinda seemed like a cheat.

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    15! Well done. I'll try to beat that. Smile And yes, playing a know games would be kind of pointless. It would be interesting to see if higher rated players would be able to play 20, 30, 40 - or more - moves. Tongue out

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    22 for either side in this line.
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    Wow! 22, wbbaxter.... I guess this is a line you know well. Smile How far can you get with this one: 1. e4 e5 2. d4 exd4 3. c3 (just playing White)?

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    Not very haha, I don't play it haha

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    Give it a shot! Wink It's fun to try openings we don't usually play. How far we get in those, I think, tells something about how good our "chess thinking" is. Tongue out

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    only 9, I've never been very good at gambits or attacking an uncaslted king haha.

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    Then 9 is pretty good. I also got 9 with this line, and I used to play it. 


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