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5 games in a row messed up

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    I'm using an iPad and today I had 5 games just stop and when time was up, my rating was lower. Is this ever gonna get worked out?

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    Hey, JSG. I'm really sorry you lost those games because they just stopped. I hope you can answer some of my questions to help me understand exactly what happened.

    Do you normally play on iPad? If so, has this happened before?

    And if so, do you know if anything could be triggering it, like your internet router resetting or a program in the background that's taking up a lot of processing priorities?

    Thanks a lot, JSG. And once again I am really sorry you lost those games. Obviously we are as frustrated as you are when these things come up but we're working hard to improve things.

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    Thanks so much for answering. I always play on my iPad. It had nothing to do with my router. Sometimes I log on to chess.com via the Internet to watch games and but I make sure to close the page prior to playing on the app.

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    Great, thanks for the information, guys. A request for both of you (JSG and RomanticWarrior). Could you please link me to the games in question?

    That is, the 4 or 5 games where this has happened.

    And (I know JSG mentioned router), are you using WiFi or Mobile to connect to the internet?

    Thank you so much, guys!

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    Thanks for update, Warrior! I'll wait patiently so take your time.

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    Squareology please help I just had 3 games in a row do what I described in my past posting. My game turns in to someone else's and in 2 of them I lost rating points. You requested that I send you the games but I'm not sure how. This gets so aggravating!


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