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5 games with <60 seconds left

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    I have 5 correspondence games that all show "<60 seconds" left on the clock.  I had 7 of these games and was able to claim a win on time for them, but this option does not appear for these 5 and it does not appear that my opponents are using vacation time.  Can you clear these games for me?

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    Hi, in your "online chess settings" there's an option that you can turn on to "Automatically claim victory when time runs out!"  You could try that and see if it ends the games.

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    thanks for the tip, but it didn't close out those 5 games.

    How do I get the attention of a staff member?  

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    I think that you may have gotten their attention because I'm seeing that all of the games are gone.  If they are still showing on your screen though you can contact them here: http://support.chess.com/Tickets/Submit

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    Yeah, they are gone.  Doesn't seem like I got any rating for them, but I don't care about rating anyway ... was just annoying having them lurk around.


    Thanks for the help :)


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