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960 chess wont castle kings side

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    using conditional moves, i am unable to castle kings side (king starts in c rank and castle is in d rank, no pieces r in the way and there is nothing attacking through the zone.

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    "King side" to me still means h-file side. In that case, the castle is illegal since the queen is in the way of the final king position (f and g files).

    But assuming you mean on the "new" king side (the a-file or "left" side), you would have to castle left using the left rook, but the right rook (on d file) is in the way of where the left rook would want to end up. And in any case, your K and right R are already in the posistion where K+R would wind up after a left side castle anyway. Or am I missing something?

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    When you castle in a 960 game, the King and the Rook go to the positions where they would be in an actual game. For example, if you castle Kingside, your King will ALWAYS go to the g-file and the Rook will ALWAYS go to the f-file. For Queenside castle, your King will ALWAYS go to the c-file and the Rook to the d-file, regardless of the positions at the start.

    Right now you can't castle because the Queen is at the g-file where the King is supposed to go. :)

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    Also when you castle, drag the King at least 2 SQUARES TOWARDS THE SIDE YOU WANT TO CASTLE.

    Hope this helped.

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    ok, i can castle king side in game but not for a conditional move last turn (with board in exact same config


    so the bug is conditional moves with castles directly next to kings???

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    top2pr wrote:
    top2pr wrote:

    I have never played this, but I read the the rules & that is the only part I'm unsure about as well.

    My guess would be technically you have to move the King 1st, (& since the space 2-spots over is taken by the rook)...

    You are playing a comp w/is programed to not let you place your King on the rook...

    If it was live you would move them simultaneously... imo

    He wants to move his (King on c1 to a1) & move his (R on a1 to b1)...

    AT the SAME TIME.

    Usually when u castle & King  moves 2 spots,  both squares are empty, then the Rook hops over..  (the only time a piece that does other than the Kn)

    That's not the case in 960, my friend.

    In Chess 960, WHATEVER MAY THE INITIAL POSITIONS BE, after castling, it will look exactly the same like a Standard (non-960) castle! THE KING WILL NOT NECESSARILY MOVE TWO SPACES FROM ITS SQUARE.


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