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How to post a game using a PGN file [A step by step guide for Chess.com dummies]

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    Help please.  When I do like the instruction says, get pgn, it just puts the game board into ICC Dasher.

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    Can you change the file type to Notepad? Click on get Pgn, Open with, then choose Notepad from the dropdown list.

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    As soon as I click get pgn, it takes board to dasher. No pgn. click play and it just makes 1st move e4 and can't do anymore.  However, I just deleted dasher a few minutes ago and then clicked get pgn and it put me in notepad and I got pgn file.  At least I'm to this first step which makes me happy because I'm not too computer savvy.  At least I got into notepad.  I'll try reloading dasher tomorrow and see what happens.  Thanks.

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    *bump*, an excellent thread for newbies.

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    well done! if i found this earlier i would have saved myself alot of time

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    Smile sorry about that, somebody has to do it 'bump'

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    Bump away.

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    Thanks so much for your efforts Bad, your blood is worth bottling mate Wink

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    Haha, this is a lot easier than painstakingly copying each move into the Game Editor in order to post a game or a diagram (which may or may not have been my usual method up till nowWink). Cheers. Really useful Smile

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    Cool 'BUMP'

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    Can we get this thread stickied?

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    yeah, me too.

    Maybe some other stickies are past their sell by date

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    Sounds good.

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    Really helpful post! Thanks a lot!

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    Thx for making it easyKiss

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    OK, how do you go about posting a series of moves from a position other than the starting postition?


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