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A little gremlin ?

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    I'm on V3 and I just wrote a couple of new posts but nothing showed up on my list of topics that I have posted in ( ie: not being updated ).  

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    Okay let's try updating in this thread.

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    Bump 2

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    Nope the fault is still happening.

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    Yeah, it's been bug reported at least a few times. Probably the worse forum related bug I've seen. 

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    Thanks a lot for the info Martin_Stahl. Btw your post did not show up either on the " My Topics " list. At this point I can't tell when someone leaves me a post or when I send out any posts ( to myself or to anyone else   lol ).

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    another test

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    Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing so apparently something got broken in the db updates or some kind of synchronization isn't happening that should be.

    It makes it really hard to keep up with discussions.

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    Thanks for the post Martin_Stahl.

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    Nope, still the same again. 

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    and yet another test

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    and today ?

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    v2 test Cool

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    Thanks for the post Martin_Stahl.

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    Martin_Stahl wrote:

    v2 test

    ---   Btw for some reason your V2 test worked ( oh oh only a V3 gremlin perhaps   lol ). 

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    A test from V2

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    Yup it worked from V2, so it must be a V3 glitch.

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