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Aborting Game to avoid loss?

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    Within the Android app it is possible to abort a game without informing the opponent. In this case a loss can be avoided. Just hold the name of the opponent and choose abort. 

    A game i played and was to win , was aborted by my opponet.

    He wanted to give up but deleted the game. Is it possible to bring it back?

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    How many moves were made in the game?

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    Here is a link 


    almost same subject~

    thought it might helpSmile

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    it wont let me play another game after I was checkmated, and you restricted me saying i was at fault for this fair play nonsense, he mated me and this wont let me play another gaME

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    i was been cheated so many times by some players who are using something or what... to let their playing time becomes more instead of running out while my playing time is loosing out..these players want to play with a higher rank to gain more points..is this normally happen here in chess.com?

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    The game is back in my list of played games. after reading for a while in the forum i found out that aborting a game is a valid option.


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