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abstract item z71cz1

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    "abstract item z71cz1" is the error message I get when I try to analyse one of my games after having played on live chess. When the game is finished, the option "analyze this game" appears. I choose "with your opponent". Then the message "Click here to switch to Live Chess Premium to analyze this game!" appears, and when I click... it's abstract item's turn. Why is that? Thanks

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    Which browser and version are you using? 

    What are you using to play on live chess? pc ? laptop ? iPad ?

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    Can you replicate this problem? It seems it was a browser/network issue (JavaScript not fully loaded yet started).

  • #4

    I am uisng Firefox on a PC. It's very annoying: a lot's of "abstract item" messages appear and I can't analyse my games. Thanks

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    Can you try to clear your browser cache and retry?

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    thank you very much, now it works! although I can't understand what does it mean "analyze this game - alone": when I switch to Live Chess Premium (now I can), nothing happens... and there's no "analyis" option, as far as I can see 

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    It gives you the option of analysing the game by yourself rather than with the opponent you just played.


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