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accept an offered draw

  • #1

    It appears that nowhere can I accept an offer of a draw made by my opponent in turn based chess. I am using IE. Is ther a problem with the program?

  • #2

    It's on the right, XXX has offered a draw: Accept/Reject.

  • #3

    Once you have moved, it goes away, though

  • #4

    It could be your zoom on the page, 85 works for me.

  • #5

    no all it says is" you have a pending draw offer" but does let me accept anything

  • #6

    That means you offered it...

  • #7

    does it? but he has moved and its my move again. the game is a draw as neither of us will give up groundd=

    On my last move I did offer a draw but I thought the rules are that he accepted or played another move which he did, but I now think he has offerd me a draw which i cant accept although i want to. (We cant chat to each other as he speaks french and i dont)

    I would like to ask the organisers about this as i think it may be a fault so does anyone know how to contact them   thanks

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    thanks for comments tried it again and it worked with opponent accepting my offer of a draw


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