Account closed

Hi everyone, I noticed some closed accounts just have account closed🚫. It doesn't say fair play or abuse or inactive. What does the sign mean?

It means they've just packed up and gone, either got bored of chess 😲😲😲 or they are going to open a new account so they can join a tournament 800-1000 when they are actually 100s of points higher.


Then it would say inactive


Some of it depends on if the account was closed in v2 or v3. When an account is closed in v3, the icon is more descriptive. So, if it has the red icon above, but no real description, it was likely closed in v2 and likely a self-closed account.


Oh okay thanks for the info!


The mods know.

ashraf_h1983 wrote:

When an account is closed because of fair play .. How does it  known if a player is using a computer or cheating on the game?

See the following links for some insights:

However, is not going to discuss any specifics of its cheat detection methods in the public forums - that would be counter productive. You can, however, get some insights in the Cheat Detection Club at

David, moderator