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Analyse online together?

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    We can see the same board when we are playing, but is there anyway we can see the same board for analysis afterward??

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    Yes you can, when the game is finish the comments (below the game) become available to both of you.   

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    No no, not the comments...we'd like to be able to move pieces and both of us see the movements.

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    hmm i know what you mean. Don't think we got that.

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    I believe that although you cannot utilize a board and move the pieces together (essentially a chess game with analysis and discussion), you can post lines you see in the messages box below the game afterwards and simply copy and paste the PGN files in new panes as you see new ideas for both sides.

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    The only thing I could think of is to use the DGT type ?

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    That might be an idea but did chess.com add that feature into the server applet already? I thought they were holding off on it for a bit.

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    I don't know but we have been talking about it in the "suggestion forum"

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    Can't you just start a new unrated game with takebacks?  Not that hard to switch back and forth to the old game and recreate it?  Analyze away in the new game and then agree to a draw when you're through?

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    Yes, we could do the work-arounds you suggest, but wouldn't it be groovy if we didn't have to!?


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