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Android Tactics Trainer bug

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    I was solving problem 68118 on my Android device (ASUS Transformer, Android 3.2.1) but application did not recognized long castling as correct solution (I entered Ke8 to c8)


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    Today I was solving problem 28782 and android application accepted gxh4 on second move as correct solution instead of Rxh4+

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    I'll try and replicate but its not so easy to do on the Android as I can't select specific tactics.

    Which version app are you using?

    You can find the app version by going into settings /applications /manage applications / chess.com

    The app version is on the top right corner

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    version is 1.972 and meanwhile I uppgraded Android to 4.0.3 - error with gxh4 was already on this android version

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    These problems are still present in 2.0.25


    • Tactics that have castling as part of the solution always gives you "Wrong!" when you do the castling move.
    • Sometimes the trainer accepts a capture move from the wrong piece, so then you have no valid followup move.

    When can we expect a fix?



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