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another login has been detected

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    i keep getting this message, "another login has been detected" while i'm playing live games and my game freezes, however if i click back onto the live chess bookmark that i have, my game resumes and of course, i lose time ... 

    i've searched a bit on this forum and see that it has been an issue in the past, but i don't see any resolutions. 

    any ideas?

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    The another login detected error happens when you've logged in via two sessions (browser windows, maybe a mobile device, etc.) Do you use one of our mobile apps?

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    i do use a mobile app and have been for a long time with none of these error messages. am i supposed to sign out of the mobile app? what a pain in the ass?! isn't the phone being asleep enough to not trigger that?

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    Are you using the iPhone app or the android app?

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    I normally have the chess app running on two different devices. Only a problem if I try to play a live tourney. I will get the error you refer too. Once I close one of the apps, I'm fine.

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    Try logging out of the app via the settings page.  You shouldn't normally have to do that as long as you don't leave the app open on the "live chess" page. 

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    ok, thanks, i'll try that

    although i never play "live chess" on my phone

    only on my laptop ...


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