Another problem with iPad app


When I create a new challenge for a live game in my iPad and, while waiting, I receive and accept a challenge from another player, I'm taken to a screen with the message "Starting new game..." (or something similar) but the game never starts and I keep waiting indefinitely in that screen.

I have the latest iPad app and latest iOS version.

This happened to me every time that I received and accepted a challenge (3 or 4 times so far).

Being iPad an ideal and popular platform for playing live chess online (and the one that I use exclusively), I think that this could be the case why I frequently have to wait a long time before a challenge I created is accepted.

I have submitted several bugs and ideas so far but only once I have received a answer from a staff member (and I'm a paid subscriber). I believe that at least a minimum feedback showing that someone working at has read the message is important to encourage us to continue providing feedback to you.

Thanks, Fernando


I've been kicked out of the ipad app and can't log on at all now. Have to play on web. So annoying.


Simplm, i need to reload THE app regularly. Just delete and reload from THE app store. No other way to solve your issue...