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App on iPhone X

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    Please fix the problem chess.com!
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    WTB moderator response. It's been too long without any input.

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    oh well

    Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon

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    Similar issues.  Already lost one game to a timeout.  :-(.  Please fix the app.

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    Wish this would get fixed, or at least Chess.com acknowledge that it knows of the problem and is working to fix it.  I'm not paying a membership fee if I can't use the app on my phone.

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    Same problem here
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    sgasee TBH I

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    lol chess.com is clueless. i feel sorry 4 you guys... but at least you have your new face unlock thing..

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    Same here after today update for iphone X

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    Yay!  Thanks for the update!!!

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    After the update i deleted and then reinstalled the app on my iPhone X and it's working fine now


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    Yes, I followed Alan and uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, works fine now. Thanks, Alan.

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    Chess.com is driving me crazy. They know there’s a problem but they just ignore it! Jesus Christ chess.com
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    I re-installed the app and it works.

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