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Articles are bugged in app

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    Good evening, there are only "for beginners" articles in my app. Filter does not work
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    Which device type and app version? I just looked on my device and things worked.

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    Hello Martin, i have one Asus Zenfone2 deluxe and app version v3.5.6-19626

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    Is there an update available for you?

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    No theresn't. I found the problem. If i change the language of the ENTIRE app, the articles appear.  There's a bug with the new update, while on a browser you can filter "English + my language" or "English only" (in the articles, not in the site),  in app this filter doesn't exist.


    However, thanks Martin for your interest.   I hope this bug will fix asap


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    So, it's filtering automatically to just your language I take it. You might use the Report a Problem link in the app settings to formally report it.

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    Hi where do you change the language of the app??

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    By default it should load the device language but Settings > General > Language

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    That setting does not seem to be there on the iOS version of the app. Though maybe it would solve my problem with the missing forum content that I have and the staff apparently do not know how to solve. 

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    Yeah, that is Android. Wouldn't think the apps would be that much different. Maybe in another menu option?

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    Doesn't seem so Martin. Customer support told me they have handed over the problem with the forum not showing up in the app (at least not on the three different iOS devices I have tester on) to the developers. 

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    Another little problem with app is that u cannot see clubs.

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    Danieletarellisback wrote:

    Another little problem with app is that u cannot see clubs.


    Since that hasn't been implemented, that makes sense grin.png


    Articles have and the described issue seems to be a bug.


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