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Blank White Screen HELP

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    I have been playing chess and never had a problem, but today I have run into an issue of a blank white screen after a match.  I have to refresh the page to continue on the site. If you have any suggestions please tell me!



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    Hello, I've experiencied the exact same issue since yesterday ! Please help

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    Same here.  White screen whilst playing.

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    Same here.  It occurs about 50% of the time after the end of a game.

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    This new version is so dump !!
    Developers of this app need to be kicked out
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    Same here i dont know how to fix it.

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    Me too. It's a bug which is beyond strange, quite a bad mess-up somewhere.

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    I have the same problem......Amber

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    yup, me too... (in Chrome)

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    It got fixed after I got the gold membership.... pure marketing happy.png

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    Same issue, after every game, goes to all white screen (edit, as below), only happens when i lose a game.  Only on web, not mobile.


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    I have to analyze an ending, White to move,

    White has Kg8,Qa8

    Black has Kc1, Pb3

    how and where should I set up the board on chess.com and analyze the game.


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    Actually after playing some more games, it only happens when i lose, if i win, it works fine.


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    The problem with a blank screen after a game has gotten MUCH worse.  It now occurs after EVERY game.  If Chess dot com is trying to get me to quit the site they are doing a great job!  This problem is really vexing.

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    Same here On 3 different computers sad.png 


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