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Bug: Android app 3.0.176 spuriously displays deleted user/personal messages

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    Already tried reporting this by the ticket mechanism at https://support.chess.com/customer/portal/emails/new but just got a helpful "an error has occurred" popup. Sigh.

    Bug report: after I downloaded the app, I discovered it now has a "messages" feature to let me look at personal messages from other users.  I've used this feature for ages on the main website,and have gotten into the habit of deleting all my "inbox" and "sent" PM's.  But to my surprise, when I click on the message tab on the Android app, I see a screenful of my old messages, randomly selected from up to 7 months ago, both ones I've received and ones I've sent.  How to I delete these? And why are they still on the server and accessible if I have deleted them? Why are you guys keeping them around? Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.3.

     I tried clicking on some of the messages (on my phone) to see if there was a "delete" option that would materialize, but instead I got a helpful "chess has stopped" and an invitation to send you guys (or google, or the NSA, or someone)  a stack trace. Sigh.

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                          That's funny. Don't confuse the issue. Unless your a terrorist, the NSA doesn't want any personal info.

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    The reason is simple. Kenn is from Canada and an ice-hockey supporter. The two members dealing with his chess account are from Sweden and Finland

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    Did you ever receive an answer from Chess.com?  I have the same issue.

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    AaronGo wrote:

    Did you ever receive an answer from Chess.com?  I have the same issue.

    Nope. But was able to submit a ticket about it (finally).

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    i am sure a lot of people are having the same trouble, too

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    Hello guys, sorry for being late to the party. I hope you all get latest(3.1.14) version now and don't have problems with messages. Unfortunately there is no option to delete messages, and it won't appear in future. I think it will be removed from the web too.


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