cannot connect to network over WiFi


Same problem not able to not connect with wifi network

shubhankar_jaiswal wrote:

Same problem not able to not connect with wifi network

Hey, I remember me having the same issue some years back . not sure if has found some specific solutions but for me, the best way to get rid of it was to return the device to the store. 🙂 hope you'll find a way out.

Aragorn3424 works fine on this computer, but on my iPhone, it brings up a message saying, "Couldn't Log In. Please check your internet connection." HOWEVER, many other apps on the same phone and same internet connection work perfectly well. Also, works perfectly well on the computer, which uses the same internet connection.


Like for many others here, works on my iPhone with celular data, but not with Wifi.


My Home WiFi network has 3 access points using the 2.5 GHz and 5 Ghz bands.

Sometimes my iPhone doesn't switch cleanly between the access points and bands as move around my house and I occasionally get the "Could Not Log In" message.

What I do to fix this on my iPhone is I toggle Airplane Mode ON and swipe the Chesscom app off the screen to close it down. Then I toggle Airplane Mode OFF and relaunch the Chesscom app. If that doesn't work, usually a reboot of my iPhone does the trick.


We are having the same issue since yesterday - couldn't connect to through home WIFI on all devices except my husband's cellphone. Cellular data works fine. It came back to normal this morning, but now again, having the same issue. Any solution?