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cannot issue challege

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    Hi! I cannot challenge or ask for a rematch lately. There is always a message saying "(Member) is not available for any challenges". This appears even if the member IS available. What could be wrong? Thanks for any help you can give.

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    That message appears when their challenge settings are set in such a way that the game you are sending them is over the limit they have set. For example, mine is set at 20, if I have 19 games going currently, you would be able to send me a challenge, if I have 21, you would get that message if you tried. My suggestion would be to send the player you are looking to challenge a message and ask them to either change their challenge settings or to send you a challenge, so that you can accept that.

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    Thanks, Baseballfan. I was worrying I might have a virus or something.

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    do titled players automatically protect themselves from challenges because they are never available for challenges Laughing


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