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'Cannot play video' on Android app

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    Apologies if this is a known problem - I couldn't find a related forum thread.

    I have a problem playing recently released videos via the Android App. It hasn't been a huge inconvenience, so I haven't reported it but it has been happening for a while.

    When attempting to play the video, it tries to load for a few seconds and then says:

    "! Cannot play video"

    "Sorry, this video cannot be played"

    It appears to happen most frequently (or only) with videos that Danny Rensch releases, for example at the moment I can watch the video released today, but still cannot watch 'Practical & Essential Endgame Knowledge - Part 2!'.

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    Which android and app version is it?  I'll check on the video issue for you.

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    Andoid 3.1 and the app is fully up to date (sorry, couldn't find a version number).

    I've been able to play 'Practical endgames part 2' since thursday, was able to play yesterdays video straight away, and now cannot play todays video (dannys live sessions).

    It is strange, but it really only seems to happen with videos released by Danny. Thanks for your help.

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    I have this same problem! But it happens to me with every video, new or old regardless of the uploader.. My app version is 1.990 and Android version 4.0.3 ..

    Please fix this! I like this feature a lot!


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    I get this problem too with Danny Rensch's recent videos and some other recent videos. Seems to stop when the vids have been available for a week or 2.  

    I thought it had something to do with how many other members were watching it at that time. 

    Running Android 2.something

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    same problem here, running on galaxy note, cant view any of the videos using the app.

    btw got no response from support for the 4th day now since i contacted them...

    the problem started on august 2nd.

    can someone from the staff explain it please?

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    Spochman which app version is it?

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    dzindzifan wrote:

    i'm having the same problem using both 3.2 and 2.3 it was working until a few days ago.  there's something wrong with the link; won't decode on any video player and cannot down load vid using Opera.  Only way to see screen is via browswer on tablet

    latest version of chess.com app and it happened after the last update probably. pm me if you need more info I use this app almost everyday ...

    according to manage apps on my tablet it's using v1.990 but online evidently in the app store this is old?  now there is a v1.998 but when I uninstall / reinstall it still says v1.990 so maybe a bad or outdated version is up on the app store ... like I said this app was working fine a week ago

    1.990 is the latest thats on there.

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    I'm looking into it at the moment as the ones I tested on mine aren't showing.

    Are you seeing the text 'sorry this video cannot be played' ? or something else?

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    mine says "unable to play video" (latest app version thats available on appstore).

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    OK thanks. We have now determined there is an issue on all droids with video and are getting this fixed asap. I am really sorry about this

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    I am locked into permanent "loading" status because I tried to access videos. Now I cant even play games!

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    I wish I could simply have the option to browse through the videos by order of release date as I could in previous versions of the app. Now I must go into the categories to look for latest videos, except from the latest who appears in the front page.

    What allowed it before was searching without selecting categories or level.



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    Hi, guys. I think you can try to convert your videos for playing on Android. You can just try Kvisoft video converter software to do it.Thanks. I hope it can help you.

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    Any news on this? Bought a cheap Samsung Galaxy Y today (Android 2.3.5) and installed the Chess.com app but it fails to play the videos.

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    I am having the same issue an Android KitKat after December update. is this an open bug?


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