Changing German back to English?


Hey there, 

I'd like to know if there is a way to change the new German translation back to English? 


Don't get me wrong, I really like that is improving by translating into other languages. But I'd like to still use it in English because it's easier to read with all the English articles etc. and the layout got a bit disturbed. 

Thanks, Dalle


No problem, I've fixed that for you. :)


Cool! Thanks! =D


I have the same problem.  Well, mine is in French, but I can't find how to switch back to English and get rid of the "Start Translating" bar at the bottom.  Again, same comment as _Dalle_, it's great that is making the site avaible to more people, but I'm already so used to the English interface that I'd rather keep it that way.


Same issue over here - ran all around the settings and can't find no help. What's the trick?


                  This thread is gonna start all kinds of nationality arguments. I thought kaynight was arguing with Hertzbrocker.  Rename it to, translate something.  I can see the arguments coming now. Bad formula.  Some NASCAR fans are gonna get drunk, see the thread, and without reading say, What, England's attacking Germany??  Those bastards.


i have the same problem,,, only in turkish i was curiose and now i cant do anything! please PLEASE help !


Bottom of the page, next to the green pawn?  The last phrase in mine says Chess_English, yours will be in Turkish.  Click on it, a menu pops up; change it back.


Can some won change mexican-english because i can't read at all!