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    Hi since the most players who register themself here needs help I think its great with greeter who helps them but there is one problem that Id like some help with to fix.

    The thing that bothers me is that most of the time you get a "visitor" (I know it is the wrong thing to call them but Im the greeter so then they must be the visitors) when you arn´t there. I find that if the "visitors" have a greeter they dont seem to try to get new opponents but only waits for the greeter to play with them. I try to teach them how to challenge new players the first thing I do but still many dont log in after that first time when they waited and nobody wanted to lpay with them. Some stays of cours and learns how to get many opponents at the time so that everytime you log in there are some games waiting.

    Someone out there have a solution to this problem please fix it. I think that the best would be if the managers of this site change it so that you only gets greeters wich are online. Of course there are some problem, what if nobody is online and well thats where I need some help with the thinking. 

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    I turn on the feature, when I have the time to bother with the possibilities. To avoid leaving new members in the lurch, I turn off the feature, upon receiving the greeter game(s) I've welcomed. When I'm ready to deal with a few more, I flip it back on and they roll in, according to my settings.

    It's nothing fancy, but it plays out nicely.

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    I've been a greeter for a bit of time and more or less follow the method that Intellexual does. The only problem is that most of my greeter games end after one or two moves as the newbie doesn't follow through. But I'm willing to continue as I think the site is great for those who follow through and take full advantage of it.


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