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Good morning! I have decided to post this message to help some people, who encounters problems downloading mobile application. Today i tried to install mobile application for JAVA phone. Problem is about downloading an executable *.jar file. When i tryed to do it from the page, i was asked to enter my mobile phone number. Then, i always had a message "authentification failure", so i can't get a link via sms. Then i tried a link "" from my phone's browser, as it mentioned in help topic of the forum. But i only got a new error message, this time about "missing page". The decision of this problem is to use a link mentioned above from PC's browser. In this case it's possible to download file. In my case, mobile phone was unable to install this file. Then i changed "...jad" to "...jar" in the link above, and here it is! I got an excellent, fresh file at my PC ))) And the last thing we have to do - is to move executable file from PC to mobile phone via Bluetooth or data-cable.

So, here's an advice for those, who can't get a link to via SMS:

1) From PC's browser open a link ""

2) Download JAVA file and save it at your PC.

3) Send "" to your mobile phone using data-cable, bluetooth or card-reader.

 4) Install it and enjoy )))

I hope this instruction will be usefull for somebody, who got a problems downloading JAVA version of application.


thank you!


what in java version , live chess not in this version ?


Very Helpfull!  Thanks a bunch.

its not working by that link again showing page missing

The mobile app works well on a broad range of mobile phones (provided they support Java and can connect to the Internet), but some models are problematic, and some users get errors using the normal link to download and install the app.

If you're having trouble, here are a few things to try:

1.  Try this alternative link from your phone's browser:

That alone solves the problem for many users.

 However, if that doesn't work and you are still getting errors, you may have better luck installing the application via computer:

2. On your computer's browser, open this link:

3. Download the file and save it on your computer

4. Transmit file "" to your mobile phone from the computer - using a cable, bluetooth, card-reader, etc.

5. Install on your phone

We hope that solves the problem. If not, please contact us, and we'll do our best to help. Unfortunately, it may simply be that the app won't work on your model of mobile phone.


thankz i love it.


thank you so much

Not working :( ...after opening the the application and login, it says 'no longer supported..try to upgrade'.

Hi i have been using this on my blackberry fine up to today when it says this app is no longer supported please upgrade. Is there a new version available? I cannot find an app for blackberry and i upgraded my membership so i could do more than 3 moves per day


Sorry, we have discontinued support for symbian. Nokia has abandoned the platform as well. We are focused on android and iphone, and perhaps windows7 as it matures.

We haven't supported the mobile app on Blackberry for some time now. It was withdrawn from AppWorld over a year ago.

You can try this one

We hope that solves the problem. If not, please contact us, and we'll do our best to help. Unfortunately, it may simply be that the app won't work on your model of mobile phone any longer.


i already had that version and i have restarted and still doesnt work.  It has worked ok for the last month just stopped working this morning.

Good day. I understand the Blackberry-specific app has not been supported for some time. Now, however, it appears the generic Java app is no longer supported. I've been using a 9900 and while the Java app did not support the touchscreen the keypad worked well. Reinstalling with the link above ( reproduced the "no longer supported" message posted above. Is there a new version of the Java app and we're having trouble finding it? Is the generic Java app no longer supported for Blackberry?

Bear with me guys, I'm looking into it for you.


Adathar.  I am having exactly the same problem.  I have been using the Java app fine for a while (using the keypad).  I upgraded to a premium account so that I could do more than 3 moves per day on my mobile and today it appears to have stopped working.  The version recommended above was the version I already had.  has this been de-supported as of today?


Not as far as I know which is why I'm trying to find out what happened.


Can you confirm for me on here whether its working or not now ?

I just need a yes or no and which mobile device it is, mobile or blackberry.


Ok the good news is we now know why it broke and we're trying to get it fixed


its working again on my blackberry thanks  Torch 9800