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Clocks are not running!

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    Hi chess.com,

    Today I faced an issue with regards to clocks not running for both myself and my opponent. The game I'm referring to is http://www.chess.com/livechess/game.html?id=173334615. After step 14 (Bxd4), both mine and my opponents clock stopped running and I noticed this after some 30 seconds or so, thinking why would my opponent take so long for a simple step in a rapid game. I refreshed the game link again and found my time was running out and was left with 3 secs. This type of behaviour I observed earlier as well, but I thought it may be some issue at my end at that time. But, it seems to be some sort of program error?

    Could you kindly look into this issue and let me know what is happening here.

    Also, a different issue I observed is, sometimes the resign button does not work. In a lost position, I wanted to resign but the resign button does not respond and we have to play out the time. 

    Please look into these issues.



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