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completed games

  • #1

    I have finished 4 games.  But it does not appear that the first two have been calculated in my rating?

  • #2

    If you check your stats, you'll see that 2 of your games were unrated.

  • #3

    I misunderstood "unrated."  I thought I was unrated because I hadn't played yet.  I thought the games would set my rating.  I'm a little disappointed because the second game was the only one I have won.

  • #4

    Why did I not receive points for winning my last game?  My opponent was higher rater than me, and has played over 100 games. 

  • #5

    "unrated" means that the game you played will not be rated or will increase/decrease your rating.

  • #6

    If you want to get higher on your points, then play rated games.

    The reason on why you were unrated on first game was that you have no rating at all on first here on chess.com.


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