disconnecting and waiting for losing


After losing two times I get a huge advantage in the third game. But then my opponent disconnects. He even has the guts to announce it. And then he reconnects 40 seconds before the game ends and just waits.

I think everybody hates this, even the guys doing it Wink

Having a message afterwards that somebody is being investigated by the chess.com algorithm isn't very satisfying. Because this doesn't tell me on forehand that somebody is likely to disconnect or "think" the whole game.

It's a sliding scale of course thus banning is quite a definite solution and I don't think it's the way to go. Putting new accounts under investigation easier isn't working either because the guy I was playing had played 1400+ blitz games already. There has to be a more intelligent way to discourage this behavior.

Is there a possibility to let the algo give people a rating which you can see if you start a new game? If your connection is not so good then your "connection rating" drops. If you need to think 80% of the total playing time for one move then your "long thinker rating" rises.


Monitoring the lag is not the same as a connection rating :)