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Download all my games

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    Hello everyone.

    I not see  Download all my games in one PGN anymore , not can find it anymore.

    Thanks !

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    Hey HAYDENFANXOX, unfortunately we no longer have that option available, sorry :(

    When someone would download all their games it would take a toll on the server since they were downloading all games ever played on the site which in some cases was thousands of games.

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    Ok, thank U so much for the info Kansha

  • #4

    You're welcome !

  • #5

    I want that featre back or i will cancel my subscription.

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    I would like to know how to, at very least, grab one game at a time and append it to the pgn file of my choice, in PGN format. You can always limit the number of games downloaded per day. How about letting someone only download games played in the last X days??

    Can I get ANY of my games at all?

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    I guess it's around 50. I mean, one page.

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    CGoldthorpe, yes you can download games. 

    Go to your games archive - http://www.chess.com/home/game_archive?member=CGoldthorpe

    Then click "view" on the game that you want to download.

    On the new page, click "get PGN" on the right hand side of the screen, next to the move box. This will cause your game PGN to automatically be downloaded to your PC.

    You can also go to your games archive, then click "select all" then click "download pgn" and you will be able to download an entire page of games!

    Hopefully that helps :)


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