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Resolved: Download my games

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    How do i download and share my games with friends not on Chess.com?

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    They are saved in your profile. Click on your nickname, go to "My Live Games" or "My Online Chess Games" and there you can view each of them in detail and get a full PGN of each game. 

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    I request a download and get the message Chess.com is configuring the PGN and it will be e-mailed to me. The e-mail never arrives, what am i doing wrong?



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    Try to VIEW each single game and click on "Get PGN" somewhere on the right sight (near the notations). It works.

    (Or try to check your spam folder in your email account. The chess.com email can be accidently treated like spam.)

    EDIT: I didn't received anything too. Will take some time but at least you can download them by viewing each game.

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    Thanks Cabal - it was in my spam locker duh - should have known Money mouth

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    Glad I could help! Smile

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