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Empty chess.com mail inbox

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    Chess.com email worked perfectly fine until today, when all messages from my inbox disappeared and there is an empty window. And no, they weren't deleted because when a folder is empty, it says "xxx has no messages". Sent items are fine, the other folders I didn't use. Any ideas?

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    All mine are still there mate

  • #3

    thanks :-)

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    kacparov how many do you have it set to show per page ?

  • #5

    umm I dont use chess.com email so i dont know

  • #6

    50 per page

  • #7

    Have you tried changing it to 25?

  • #8

    I have now tried it, but it didn't work. I cleared the cache, and it still doesn't work :(

    But don't worry too much Kohai, vacation bug is more important :-)

  • #9

    Check the trash. Your firewall may also be blocking the mail ports.

  • #10
    Windows-7_ wrote:

     Your firewall may also be blocking

    You think everything's blockingLaughing

  • #11

     Although the joke was funny, be nice to him, this post was constructive(I'm not going to detention anyway). Ah, I forgot the smiley.Tongue out


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