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Erik Details

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    I've noticed that when you scroll through your moves in a game (or on the analysis board) the details don't change.  I know that a lot of players can quickly count up their points but I often check because I forget the values and when it's complicated like I've taken a rook bishop and three pawns and he's taken a queen and five pawns I often don't know who's better especially if I'm trying out lots of variations (maybe I forget that the bishop I took in the last variation is still there in this one so I lose count).  It would be cool if the details were directly associated with the move that the board is showing at that instant rather than the "current" board position.  I realize this might be too complicated but it might make the "analysis" board easier for weak players like myself to use. 



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    i agree!  good call anthony

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    Excellent point.

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    That would be quite nice... I never even noticed we didn't have that though :P... I hardly ever count material!


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