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Error Message

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    I am using IE8.  Every time I o to access an ongoing game I get a message "Stack overload line 0"   I click ok then I can continue but why the message?

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    All IE8 users are seeing this at the moment sorry. I'm looking into why.

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    Yes, I am too.

    When I get to the log in screen and when playing the turn based games. (The only screens I go on).

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    RunawayKnight wrote:

    I am using IE8.  Every time I o to access an ongoing game I get a message "Stack overload line 0"   I click ok then I can continue but why the message?

     I just don't know,if you find out please let me know.

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    Hope it does not affect game moves and ratings because i have made moves in games , logged of to have dinner and when i logged back on the same games were still there with it still being my move and only a few minutes of time left...i had to replay these moves very quickly ,i don't know the outcome now...will they appear as timeouts?  I hope not !!

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    you should be able to click on Ok, on the stack overflow box and make a move normally. If it does cause an issue in the game, let me know immediately please.

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    Like what?  I have used them all at one time or another and they all have problems.

    Do not care which one sooner or later a problem crops up?  Firefox, Chrome, do not care which one.  IE8 has been the best for me over the long run.

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    I have had issues with Chrome on other sites.  Not this site!!  Basically web loading issues and "bugs" as I was told, tryingto load web pages from another chess site.  I have had similar issues with firefox.  So, I switched back to IE 8 and have not had any issues except here and now.  I have been using IE 8 for over a year, not a hitch.

    With firefox I was having an issue with "Copy & paste".  That was resolved by switching to IE 8.  I am using the IE 8 32bit because there is no Flash Media app yet for IE 8 64 bit. 

    So, every browser has some sort of issue at one time or another.  Just do not like having to switch back and forth or having more that one browser so I can utilize and access different sites and use them to their fullest potential.

    Wait, I am sure you will encounter a problem with Chrome sooner or later.  Until you do you will think it is the best!!

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    I figured there were some out there with problems with Chrome.  They all have some sort of problem sooner or later.  I will stick with IE 8 for now. I used to religiously swear by Firefox but then that gave me problems. 

    So now, I stick with one unless the "bug" simply cannot be resolved but that has never happened, yet.

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    Runaway Knight, i currently have 5 browsers installed, and i have had no problem what so ever with Firefox 4 with chess.com, while this problem with IE 8 continues, i would suggest that you try FF4, If you do find a problem fair enough, but as i said i use 5 different browsers for various things and have not encounter errors with FF4.

    Also, as regards the stack overflow problem, it may be worth your while, to try and disable all 3rd party add ons (i.e add ons that are not microsoft) it may be 1 or multiple add ons causing the problems, just a thought of mine, not saying it is a solution, but its worth a try

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    Ok, I am not that compter savvy so the add ons to IE 8 are probably non existent.

    I usually do not add anything on to the browsers for fear of causing problems.

    I will, however, try FF 4 again. 

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    I see what your saying RunawayKnight, however, addons may be installed during software installations etc automatically, you do not need to be computer savvy, you just need to keep clicking next and some software sneaks the addons in during the installation.

    But yes go ahead and try FF4, let me know if you encounter any errors with that, i really think you should be ok though.

    Also what OS (operating system) do you use, i.e Windows XP/Vista/7  Mac/Linux?

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    Are you sure you have no addons at all?

    This can also include 3rd party software addons such as toolbars widgets etc installed by 3rd party software.

    Also, if that is of no ise you can try Firefox 4 for now till there is a more permannent solution to the probelm

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    I just downloaded FF$.  The past issues "copy & paste" has been resolved.  FF4 has a new look and it is fast.  I like it so far!!  Thanks!!

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    No prob RunawayKnight.

    Im also very impressed with what theyve done, and all the options are concealed behind the one "Firefox" button on the top left, great use of space.


    Glad its worked for you so far :D

    Take care

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    Ok, hopefully now this issue should be fixed. Is anyone using IE 8 still seeing the stack overflow box ?

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    RunawayKnight wrote:

    I am using IE8.  Every time I o to access an ongoing game I get a message "Stack overload line 0"   I click ok then I can continue but why the message?

    get a APPLE MAC computer, save yourself the misery and hassle of usless micosoft windows...you wont regret it

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