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How do I explore the games of my opponent? This used to be possible with the old interface. I am trying to prepare for my opponent Pashaev (http://www.chess.com/members/view/Pashaev#games) but I get no games of him at all despite him having played 600 plus games. It is just a bug with his account or a general one?



I think it's completely down today... I can't see my own games.  And it shows less than half of them when it is working.  Laughing


Thanks for the explanation, frazetta! Do I know you from somewhere? Wink


Laughing  It seems all the member games are gone... you, for instance, have never played 1. e4, 1. d4, or 1 c4. 


Yup, broken and badly.  Sometimes it doesn't even show the master games.


I have never played c4  but on occasion I do play e4 and d4 rather than my customary f4 ...

Obviously, Chess.com has still plenty of work left to do to fix all the bugs that popped up when converting to the new format. It isn't an easy task considering the number of members and games and the fact that database admins aren't exactly cheap.


where do I find the places for my division? I have looked everywhere. Is it over or do we have a chance