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fair play policy

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    i am currently experiencing a serious problem . #1 sometimes i will click on NEW GAME and it says it is loading something but well after 10 mins it is still doing so . i then refresh the page and a the fair play message comes up saying i have abandoned a game . it does this to me multiple times each hour and now i have to wait 5 mins between every game due to my account being restricted due to this bug happening to me . #2 i can't do nothing about it so i have to settlewith a game ever 5 mins . heres where it worsens . i will wait the 5 min restriction then click NEW GAME a new game will load then the server will say > game aborted to 3/4 games it loads . and each game it aborts counts to one of the 5 min game restriction on me . at this rate im waiting almost 30 mins or more to play 1 game . i'm only new and am now starting to find this great site a poor experience . can anyone help ? these are serious problems

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    That sucks.  I would email support.


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