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    Hi, so lately I saw that there's an account restriction if one of the players doesn't make the first move multiple games.

    The problem is that I ALWAYS check my opponent's profile to see if he has negative references from other players. If they do have negative references, I choose not to play them  so I rarely have problems with my opponent's behaviour (either lets me wait a lot for his move, disconnects from the game etc.). Everytime I experienced such a behaviour I wrote a negative reference on their profile with a link to our game.

    So my question is: Why should I play with my opponent who has many negative references and risking to waste my time? This question leads to another question: Why isn't their account suspended with so many negative references?

    In exchange, now I have MY account restricted because I didn't want to play with these people. Of course, an administrator can check the games I aborted to see that I did it for this reason, not because I don't want to play white or black or anything else.

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    wait a lot for his move? isnt that what the clock is for?

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    It never happened to you to wait 20 minutes for your opponent's move when he is clearly loosing? (beacuse he simply doesen't want to make the move)

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    Hey Bycus.  Yes, it happened to me on several occations.  I think it is okay to be extra careful as you are and double check before start playing however the server does not give you enough time for that and in consequence you hurt your own Sportmanship score.  I guess the way you may look at it is to understand that chess.com already penalize players for unfairness like a referee would do in a soccer match, however and continuing the analogy with soccer, even though you are schedule to play to the last team in the league which only kick ankles ---if you are lucky--- you still need to show up to play them and the referee will take care of the unsportmanship during game.  I guess, denying anybody from playing from the start would be in a super severe situation which actually chess.com also takes care of by banning players for good.   In short, chess.com already does what you are doing and in consequence you just have to play and enjoy.  This is my opinion about your issue.  Cheers.

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    I am just glad for the win, i give them the benifit of the duobt, maybe real life got in the way of our game.

    I agree some are not sportsmanlike, but I agree with the above post, and just leave it to chess.com and simply do not play then again after that

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    The one that really bothers me is the people who would rather let their clock bleed out than resign a lost position.

    I had one particularly egregious opponent who (after playing his first 20 or so moves in less than 2 minutes of a game 30 time control) stared at a position where he only had one legal option for quite some time.   I figured he was going to run clock, which is rude, but whatever.   I went to the kitchen, fixed myself a snack and watched an episode of Psych.   Came back and discovered my opponent moved with mere seconds left on his clock, and I was the one who flagged.  

    Yeah it's totally my fault.   Had I spent 28 minutes staring at a game that was trivially won already, I'd have noticed his move and won the game in short order.  

    But this isnt an accident, my opponent deliberately acted like a jerk to "steal" a win.   I'd love to have an ebay style feedback system where I can rate him down, and make it so my challenges can only be accepted by people with say 80% positive feedback minimum.

    Not that it should be a site priority.... but so long as we're on the subject of fair and sporting play, it's something I'd like to see.

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    at least you watched a great show! :)

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    Truth.   And it's not like I care about my rating points anyways.   LOL, if I did, I'd have to quit playing drunk!

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    Hey Travis.  Chess.com would only need to show the sportmanship rating we all have hidden and make it part of the seek game options.  It is an interesting idea.  Have you check if that player has been banned? Cheers.

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    Might be nice if there was an alarm that sounded after he finally moved.

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    hahahaha, well if you are watching a TV show you may not even hear it then.  I wonder what would happen if chess.com would actually act on all users requests ... chesslarious.com

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