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File download xd_proxy.php ?

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    I have a popup box for the file xd_proxy.php that is making this site unuseable.  Every time I load a new page, here it comes again.  Anyone else having this problem?  It seems to be a result of your recent facebook link.  Any plans to fix this or do I have to change my browser?  Yes, I'm using Internet Explorer.  As a certified Luddite, Ireally don't want to install a new browser, but if that's what is necessary, I suppose I could do it.

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    this is a problem from Facebook. it should be resolved soon. can you try clearing your cache?

    (and yes, your internet life would be MUCH better if you used the Google Chrome browser :) )

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    Yeah, I tried clearing my cache and it made no difference.  I did download Google Chrome and yes the boxes are gone and no it didn't kill me and yes I do still resent having to do it.  Thanks for the quick response anyway.

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    Hey, just be glad you are not using Netscape.


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