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  • #1

    What is a stuck topic?

  • #2

    The mods put it up there so everybody will read it. It is "stuck" to the top of the page.

  • #3

    Ha. XD Thanks.

  • #4

    In all my games this evening I've fofeited on time. I have four minutes left and suddenly my time is up. There is some error in the system and I hope it will be fixed. 

  • #5

    Why are you posting it here? You could always make a seperate forum...

  • #6

    Well he might think this is the place for 'help' hehe.

  • #7

    How did that guy "stick" or "pin" that thread about 1.a3 to the top of the hot topics for like 2 months?  Anyone remember that or know how that happened?


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