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frozen game aborted w/major point loss

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    i was playing live chess a couple days agowith someone within 100 pts of my rating.  he made the first move, i moved but my clock hadn't started and the game was frozen.  i logged out & back in to no effect.  i chatted the other player that the game was frozen.  i waited a couple mniutes.  i aborted and was penalized 50 points.  i don't understand how that's justified in any scenario

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    this just happened to me. 

    though it was in middle of game. force-resign. wtf

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    Hi guys. Can you please let me know what browser and operating system you were using? Did you notice your opponent disconnect from the game at all? Do you use premoves?

    Thanks for the information!

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    chrome windows. i disconnected not more than 30 seconds in a 15/10 game (wherein you have 5 minutes to reconnect) and it force-resigned me. i dont recall having a premove set when it happened. 


    While I have your attention, this happened a while ago. I made a move nd2# checkmate but right as i did that i was disconnecting/reconnecting. But I did not try to reconnect in a hurry, because i saw the all glorious # sign after my move confirming that it was a checkmate.

    To my surprise, later that night i found that I never made that move. 


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    I had to abandon two games in succession just now.  The board froze after my opponent made his move, it refused to register my subsequent move !  anyone has some idea why such bizarre things happen  ?

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    no premoves.  the droid app

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    If you're using the mobile app (Android or iOS), please send me a message with the following information:

    -What type of device are you using?

    -What type of connection are you using?

    -What service provider do you use?

    -What is the nearest metro area?

    -Were you at home when this happened, or were you traveling?

    -How often would you say this happens?

    -Which game did this happen in?

    Thanks guys!
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    verizon motorola razr M


    San Francisco

    was on transit

    live chess

    only once as reported here so i was more concerned about the illogical point loss than the glitch altho i've had to cancel about a dozen live chess games for being frozen in one way or another. and at least half a dozen online games

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    the 2 times it happened with me was when I was using my desktop with a broadband connection. I was in Delhi. It hasn't happened much since. The Mobile route to Chess.com just does not work. I tried it with a tablet (Samsung, android based ).....and utterly failed...again and again.

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    it keeps happening

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    Hi guys- We are working to get this issue resolved. I'm sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime!

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    just lost another game on time today that i would have won (he didn't have any add'l pieces left)

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    I just checked the correspondance, and I have been at the computer every night, and yet I have been locked out  because of "Vacation" - hence I lost all my games due to this. I just signed up to Windows 10, thinking that this would clean up the mess. Alas! It only got worse!  And I miss you guys !!!

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    What a joke. You wonder why some of us refuse to play online chess that matters unless it's on ICC or Playchess. You need a stable, capable client or else this kind of garbage happens to you in the middle of a good game. Further, Chess.com doesn't deal with lag effectively. ICC does. It's not just the losses that result from a terrible infrastructure but the wins, as well. The ideal scenario for me when I sit down and load up a game of Chess is to have a fair, but overly challenging and difficult game. I want to be engaged. What I don't want is to get to move 14, 45 minutes into the game, and have my opponent autoresign because his internet connection is terrible. It's a waste of my time and certainly doesn't help me improve as a player.

    Fix this, please. I mean, what's supposed to have more bugs: The "old chess.com" or v3?

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    AGAIN !! my wifi is full strength - games freezes. > does not allow me to make a move - then registers that I resigned - & my rating goes down. I will NEVER become a premijm member on this site if this continues - its CRAP! Fix it

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