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Frozen screen with time moving

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    Twice over past four days (IPAD chess) in mid-game I submitted a move and the timer shifted to opponent showing highlighted move as expected. Opponent's move never showed and his timer never shifted back tom me, but I lost on time. Is this a known problem or an issue with my computer?

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    Are you using the iPad app or are you using a browser on your iPad?

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    IPAD app.  Has generally worked well, but on the two occasions it appeared live, but just failed to communicate.  I tried sending chat messages to other player asking if he had seen problem and got no response. 

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    Same thing happened to me yesterday, but on an old PC. I asked my opponent to move, suddenly the board reverted to an earlier position. Then after I lost on time, 1 of my knights skipped backwards across the board.

    Very strange

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    What type of connections are you guys using? 3G/4G or Wi-fi?

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    Has been good wi-fi both problem times.

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    A year ago, I lost 3 games that way with my IPad too. The worst of it is that 2 was winning games and the third at the 5th move.

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    I believe this is responsible for at least a small amt of online problems here http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/27/technology/internet/online-dispute-becomes-internet-snarling-attack.html?hp&_r=1&

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    NizmoRoy - Thanks. I will look at that article. Lost another game for the same reasons about three days back, and since, I've been having log-in problems also, just over the past few days but I believe that may have been down-server issues.

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    Problem reoccurred last night - have this information. Chat with opponent worked. His screen showed my clock ticking after he made a move that I did not see. We decided to have me request a draw and start a new game, but the request did not make it to him. I lost that game on time also.


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