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Game aborted by server?

  • #1

    After a new live game has been started, I often see this message, and then the game ends, without even a first move having been made.


    What does mean, why does it happen, and what can I do to stop it? 

  • #2

    it happens because you or the other player don't make any move. After something like 15 seconds, the game is aborted. 
    If you play with black pieces, you can do nothing about that, if you play with white, just make a move 

  • #3

    In retrospective, I think I've always been black when it has happened...


    15 seconds seems way too short time to allow though!  If a player wants to use up some part of their clock deciding what opening to play, surely that should be allowed!  (I am playing 15|10 games, so spending half a minute deciding on opening, depending on what colour one has, and whether one ends up facing a weaker or strong opponent, does not seem that unreasonable to me.)

    Are there other such arbitrary limits in place?  If I face a tough decision in mid-game, will the game abort if I take, say, 5-10 minutes (or more) to make my decision?

  • #4

    after the 1rst move on both sides, you have all the time you want to play, don't worry, the game will not stop

  • #5

    the game aborted by server keeps happening to me over and over. I attempt to move but am unable too. I am new to chessclub.com but it seems unusable. 

  • #6

    The server gives you 15-20 seconds to make your first move. if you fail to do so, it will then abort the game.

  • #7

    Why Should The Server Abort The Game ? Why Should Players who want to play have to put up with, Aborting Players who Get a Free Pass ? If a Player Does not Play, Let it be Counted as a Loss.


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