game awarded to opponent


What exactly do you mean by the term, 'locked' ?


Oh, just play a couple more games and your rating will get back to where it was. Rating doesn't matter at all. Stop complaining and get on with your life.


at the risk of sounding rude, did you see that you were in check? because in that position mate would take more than 2 moves after Kg2 Rb2+ Kh3 Kc2


Why was it that your friend did not resign this lost position?


Surely he must have known of your genuine difficulties... you've been posting for days on the issue and with an average move time of only 1 hour 35 minutes, nothing but a technical glitch would have stopped you from winning. Have you tried writing an email directly to help/support, rather than making forum posts?


I am truly sorry to bother you guys.  I was in check.  The only move possible was to move my king.  I feel foolish enough.  Thank you for your comments.