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game limits

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               I have resigned about 20-25 games this past 2 weeks because i had like 40-50 games going on. What was wierd was that I had a game limit, which never did anything. I was way past my limit, but chess.com never told me or did anthing about it.


    I was wondering if there was something that i missed, or does the game limit not actually do anything? 

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    could anyone tell me anything about this?
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    Why did you start that many games?
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    look at the # of games "rakdsis" is playing...
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    LOL that's insane.  He's going to take some serious ratings damage if he's unable to get online for a couple of days. 
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    thats amazing. . . .  384 games.. . ..
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    Possibly you set a "Max # of Games" in your Online Chess settings which is limiting your games?

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    the limit only affects people who challenge you. it doesn't stop you from accepting open seeks, creating open seeks, or joining tournaments ;)
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    erik is right. Im a non member , so its like 25 games, i could make seeks, but not accept challenges.
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    ok, i see now. . .

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